Saturday, September 18, 2010

Devil and the Details

Details, details, details~!

Weaving is all about details. Teaching weaving is also all about details. If you miss out just one little detail, you'll probably have a devil of a time getting it sorted out....

I spent much of last night and about 3 hours today getting ready for the two workshops in Albuquerque. (I still have to book my flight - another detail.)

When I teach I try to tailor the content for each group. In this instance, it was agreed that the participants really weren't as interested in weaving with wool as say, a guild in Minnesota. :)

With 6 people enrolled in the Magic in the Water workshop so far, I needed to select the weave structures and yarns that would be of most benefit to the group. And then start working on which ones I'd weave for them. I also sent two 'extra' drafts just in case of late registration and to give people a bit of choice of which yarns/drafts they wanted to dress their loom with. So if you're near Albuquerque and want to take it, there are still spots available. Contact info on the Schedule page of my website

The rest of the time was spent photocopying the masters of the draft info and the supplemental notes that I hand out.

The workshop A Good Yarn is based on a kit I developed a few years ago and then discontinued because no one seemed interested in it. Since (IMHO) a knowledge of one's materials is essential I've been happy that a few groups have asked me to do it as either a guild program or a one day workshop. This workshop has lots of handouts so I spent quite a bit of time at the copy machine, breathing in toner. :(

In the end, all I can hope is that I've covered all the details I intended to and that the participants will be as interested in them as I am.

Right now I'm waiting for an address to ship the boxes to. It seems that I can't find the address. Details!

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Michelle said...

For the Albuquerque workshops...The person who is coordinating it is Liz McMaster, 2901 Hyder Ave., SE, Albuquerque NM 87106, 505-255-6965,

I asked her to let me know if there were last minute openings for the magic in the water workshop, she indicated it was full. Who knows...

Laura said...

I'm sending two additional drafts for late registrants. :)

Thanks for the address. It's too late to get to the post off now, but the boxes will go on Monday.


Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

You're writing about two of my worst bugaboos: Procrastination and Details! Well, details about what I don't feel like tackling at the moment. Amazing what a looming deadline can do.
I always enjoy seeing what you're reading right now.