Monday, February 7, 2011

Feelin' the Burn

the fruit of my labours....

With this batch (and the previous batch) of colours, I was mainly trying to get some weft for the painted warps I have yet to weave up for shawls. What little of the silk gimp I had on hand already was varigated and not in a way that I was confident would look good on the painted warps.

The first batch of brown was too golden, but I got enough of the darker brown in the second batch for the 3 or 4 warps that brown will look good with.

The darker green in the middle was a happy accident - I was just dumping whatever dye was left into the pot and this lovely blue/green was the result. It will go with a couple of the warps as well. And I got some great dark purple for the painted warps, too.

The varigated pink/purple is some test skeins I'm considering dyeing for re-sale.

One of the disadvantages of being away for 3.5 weeks is that I wasn't getting my usual exercise during that time. Since it only takes a few days for muscles to deteriorate, my muscles are protesting my leap back into the fray.

Weaving on the AVL is much more tiring than usual because I'm out of practise. So, rather than weave again after dyeing all afternoon, I wound up doing some other stuff.

Like fringe twisting. Managed to get two scarves done while watching some tv tonight - only 28 to go.

But I also picked up books from the library this afternoon and I think I'm going to go do some reading now.

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