Friday, February 25, 2011

Too Dry!

On this warp I'm using a singles 12 for weft. Unfortunately when the humidity drops below 50% linen gets a bit wire-y and unco-operative. At the moment we are have a cold snap and the relative humidity is currently at 45% (I know, I know, laugh now all you desert dwellers!)

In order to make weaving easier I wind enough for two towels and pop them into a baggie with a wet cloth and let them sit. The longer the better, although these only sat for a few hours. As I finish the first set of bobbins I wind more and put them into a 2nd baggie and then rotate through using the ones that have been sitting in the moist environment the longest.

When I got back from my trip I eagerly started hooking up my computer to the loom and - woe! - could not find the crucial adapter that would allow me to plug the Compu-Dobby in! Doug and I drove all over town looking for one and could not find the correct adapter. At which point I tore the van apart. Lo and behold, the adapter had snuck out of the bag I'd put it in and was lurking under the packing blankets!

So this morning I finished setting everything up and was able to weave this afternoon.

While the bobbins were soaking up some H2O I wove a shawl on the small loom and then dressed it with another warp. One warp, one shawl.

I don't have quite the right shade of purple for this warp but as it has just a touch of a greyed green decided I'd use this skein of a sort of pale blue spruce shade.

In reality I ought to have been taking photos of the River's Edge spinning fibres while the sun was shining so brilliantly. But I'd been away from the looms for too long and weaving won the day.

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Ulrike said...

the trick with the bobbins in the bag is really neat. Thank you for sharing.