Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Little OCD (and a lot of regret....)

Blue Angel - being finished and yet to have it's final pressing....

In the 1990's I started doing cross stitch designs. Not just any old design, only ones by a particular designer - Marilyn Levitt Inblum if I remember correctly. Being a little OCD I did many of her designs over a 10 year period until I realized that my eyesight just wasn't allowing me to work with the fine threads that she used for her angels. I never did finish the last one I was working on - the 6 shades of flesh on the natural linen worked petit point fashion? - well, let's just say I couldn't see well enough to complete it.

This one, however, I had finished stitching - I'd just never gotten around to getting it framed. It was intended for my brother and sad to say, he never got it. From time to time I'd unearth it and feel a pang of regret for never getting it to him. Would having a guardian angel have helped him? Who knows. It would have helped me to have given it to him.

Since it was all done except for the presentation I didn't have the heart to dispose of it so it has kicked around for 3 years with me unable to finish it or get rid of it.

Finally I decided I needed to give it to someone else. Since I can't afford to have it professionally framed, I bought some dark blue fabric to back it and bind the edges - at the same time making hanging tabs. I'm in the midst of doing the hand stitching to finish it off with the intention of pressing it, packaging it up and bringing it with me on my next trip to give to a friend for her son. With it will go my best wishes for his happiness and I suspect that he will appreciate it for what it is. But it will mean so much more to me to have it grace someone else's walls and life.

I rather suspect Don would approve.


Stacey said...

The lift giving away something as deep to you as this will be amazing. Not only your good wishes will go with it, but the regret that has dogged you will also go, and not to the new owner, but out into the ether, and be replaced by a healing balm!

Laura said...

That's what I'm thinking. :)

Time to let go - in every way.