Sunday, February 6, 2011


After a jet-lag induced slow start to the week, I've had a satisfying couple of days.

Yesterday I threaded, sleyed and tied on the 2/20 mercerized cotton warp I beamed on the AVL on Friday and will start weaving today. The first 6 yards will be woven with a temple because of the density of cloth I want to build. The rest should go fairly quickly as shawls (with Tencel as weft) and tea towels (with cotton or linen as weft). I put 40 yards on so I will likely do a couple of shawls before starting the towels.

This morning Doug started work at 8 am so I was up fairly early (for me). I got to the annex by 10:30 and started pressing - 3 shawls, 14 scarves.

I confess I find the pressing the most tedious of the various tasks involved in creating textiles. But since it is absolutely necessary I try to space out my trips to Puff - no more than once a week. :) When I get there - usually on a Sunday so as to avoid the neighbours and lack of parking - I crank the stereo up loud and listen to music while I press. It takes about 20-25 minutes for the boiler to heat up so while that's happening I either read or try to straighten out the stuff stored there. This morning I was re-arranging the spinning fibres because I have a customer on Tuesday, plus I need to see if I have to order more fibres in.

Now I'm home for lunch and as soon as that's done I'll fire up the AVL and finish tweaking the auto-cloth advance in order to start weaving. The first bit will be slow so it will feel good to get that out of the way first. And I can return the small temple I borrowed in order to weave the cloth.

Tuesday evening I'll take the bucket of pressed items to the guild room and trim them there. It's also a job I find a bit tedious, so doing it with company will make it seem to go more quickly.

And later today I have to clear off the d/r table, balance my ledger and then set up my fringe twisting area again. I've a bucket of scarves woven in December that have to be twisted, then wet finished. I am determined to get on top of the wet finishing and utilize Puff as much as possible before I bite the bullet and get rid of him once and for all.

Can you tell I'm dragging my feet on that????

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