Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Road Trip

One loom with stand, two spinning wheels, one large suitcase, one spool rack with 40 spools, bag full of slides I need to go through tomorrow night at Allan and Sheila's, miscellaneous odds and ends plus two computers and my over night suitcase still be be loaded. That van is full!

In addition to dropping the computers and loom and one wheel off before I cross the border, I am also bringing some fabric for someone to sew up for me. The cloth was the 2nd place winner at the yardage exhibit in Vancouver 2002 and I really want it sewn up into a jacket for myself. Since I don't sew anywhere nearly as well as I weave I haven't had the intestinal fortitude to do it myself.

But I know someone who is a tailor and since she will also be at Madrona (lucky coincidence?) I emailed and asked if she would be interested. She is, so the fabric is packed into the large suitcase.

I also have the cross stitch, which, unfortunately needs some assembly - hopefully the mom of the giftee won't mind doing the last bit. :}

This trip, which was supposed to be just a quick drive down and back has expanded into a week long jaunt. I can't believe how many things fell into place to make the drive down - in February (you have to be used to winter driving conditions to truly appreciate the adventure this might have been - it looks like I'm going to get lucky with the weather) worthwhile.

Since I received rather unsettling news this afternoon - I really, truly was not expecting that particular message - I am setting all the uncertainty behind me and just looking forward to some time alone (8 hours Wed., another 8 hours Thurs) to metabolize the news and get - I was going to say comfortable but that's really not the right word - accepting - of what I was told. And to focus on the positive elements of the situation.

And spend some quality time with some fibre-y friends.


Janet said...

Hooray! Can't wait to see you on Friday! :D

Jude Pilote said...

Have a Safe Trip! See you Tomorrow!

Sharon said...

Are you OK? Unsettling news at our age suggests medical things to me and that isn't good.

Truly, are you OK