Monday, March 21, 2011

Fibre Fusion

There is a new fibre festival happening, this one in Grand Forks, BC. Grand Forks is a few minutes away from the WA border, several hours from Spokane, WA. The festival is being run in conjunction with a larger arts event happening in the area, so there are lots of events for everyone. :)

Fibre Fusion is offering 30 workshops for fibre enthusiasts. Check out their website at

They also have a vendor hall and I understand that Joybilee Farm will be offering their linen day on the Saturday. Unfortunately I will miss it again if my one day class The Efficient Weaver goes ahead. :)

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Joybilee Farm said...

Hi, Laura
The Joybilee Farm Linen Festival is August 6th, not the Saturday of Fibre Fusion at the Fork. The Fiber Festival is the same day as the Boundary Artisan Studio Tour and the Columbia Basin Culture Tour though. The Joybilee Farm Linen Festival is also part of the events of the Larger Kettle River Arts Festival happening August 4 to 14.

Thanks for mentioning us,

Laura said...

Hi Chris, thanks for the clarification. :)