Saturday, March 26, 2011

Next Challenge

So, the tea towels are cut and serged, I've figured out what needs to be done on the 'test' warp, the first load of skeins are soaking, alternate yarn for plying has been coned off onto smaller cones for ease of use.....the next challenge is to turn these yarns into a warp for shawls and possibly baby 'blankets'.

The colours are a little brighter in the photo than they are in real life but I think they will go together nicely - mostly green/turqouise with an accent thread of the dark peach, I'm thinking.

Before I can prepare the warp, however, the skeins have to be wound onto spools for sectional beaming, so it's a good thing to get started on that now before I'm done weaving the test warp.

In between times I'll continue to wind skeins for dyeing. I'm really determined to get as much dyeing done as I possibly can. There aren't too many tubes of the silk gimp left, and then there are a few odds and ends of white skeins that can be turned into 'not white' and either used or sold. After I'm done the dyeing I can concentrate on the spinning.

Once I've got the above warp done there are several boxes of the same yarn to also be turned into shawls and/or baby 'blankets'. It will feel really really good to get those boxes emptied and free up about 48" square of floor space! :D And use up more of my yarn stash, both this yarn and the weft. I've got quite a few cones of a fairly fine singles in alpaca and other blends that will be perfect for weft for this yarn, a wool, silk, bamboo blend.


Liz said...

Laura, I need about a pound of your focus and energy. The yarns look beautiful, good luck with the spinning. Looking forward to pics of the finished yarns.

Sandra Rude said...

When you dye the wool/silk/bamboo blend, does the bamboo take acid dye or does it just "stain" a little?

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Well, Liz, I'm mostly just trying to not think about next week - fair amount of distraction therapy going on here. :}

Hi Sandra - the bamboo doesn't take the dye but because it's well blended the final effect is just a bit heathery - very soft looking.