Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep Going

I found this fridge magnet on a trip to Tucson, AZ when I thought all my health issues were behind me. It was a visual reminder that the only way through is forward. That when you are in a bad place, it's counter productive to fall down in your traces and wallow in self-pity.

It's posted on my fridge where I mostly ignore it but from time to time I focus on it and remember to get up, get going, that all things must end, the bad as well as the good. That the only thing that is constant is change. That staying focused on your goal will at least make the bad things bearable. And when the only thing you can manage is to put one foot in front of the other, that counts as progress.

So I have been picking my way through the current warp on the AVL, which I have been finding extremely tedious for a number of reasons. Mostly, it's two shuttles alternating. I find it extremely difficult to reach my 'zone' and so I'm not much enjoying the weaving. OTOH, after wet finishing the sample, the fabric turns out to be drop dead gorgeous. But the weaving isn't going to happen without me sitting at the loom, and so I have been dutifully making it into the studio, at least a little bit every day, and I'm now within 6" of completion. Of the first scarf.

The warp is 10 yards long, about a yard has been used up in sampling, so there is enough warp for two more scarves. Give or take.

The warp also has a threading error. Three of the units are threaded on the wrong shaft, so as soon as I finish the first scarf I'll correct that and then I'll take another run at doing the rose design that I had originally intended.

Next week I should hear the treatment plan as proposed by the oncologist. As usual I'm not presenting a simple problem and more tests have to be run. The good news is that the bone marrow biopsy was a success and no further surgery will be required for a diagnosis. And that is very good news indeed. :)

Currently reading Still Life by Louise Penny


Claudia Rizzi said...

My dear friend, we never met, but there´s something I do know about you, for I have been following your tweets that take me to this blog: You´ll keep going, alive and kicking, for many years to come. And I´ll continue to have the pleasure of reading about your wonderful work.
A great kiss from Brazil,
Claudia Rizzi

Carol Larsen said...

Every single day, I say a prayer on your behalf and for all my other fiber friends going through similar life trials.

Janet said...

A friend of mine told me not long ago: "You can't just give up and lie down, 'cause eventually you have to pee."

So glad you're reading Louise Penny! Looking forward to hearing what you think. I've finished five of the six Three Pines novels now and also picked up her short novella written for "emerging adult readers" from the library on Saturday.

Sandra Rude said...

Soooo glad they don't need to do the biopsy over again. Nobody should have to go through that twice! Hang in there, we're all rooting for you.

Laura said...

ooo la - Brazil! I'd love to visit there!

All prayers gratefully received. :)

Have only just started the LP - having a hard time concentrating but so far, so good.

I was worried the bone marrow wouldn't provide answers, but it did so I can relax about that now. :D

It's time to focus on what needs doing and get 'er done. Tomorrow, for sure!


Liz said...

Just read the line that you were, I think it said, 6" from finishing.....the first scarf. Thanks for the Laugh Out Loud, Laura. I think you would be the BEST teacher, I know I have learned a lot just from the blog and posts.

DebbieB said...

Whew - glad you'll not have to endure more surgery to figure things out. My prayers are with you, too, Laura - I hope they give you strength when you're flagging.

Every time I think about efficiency and ergonomics as I'm weaving, it's because of you. Your wise tips will give me many more years of pain-free and consistent weaving. Thank you again and again!

Jennifer said...

Love the quote!

Keep on keeping on!

Peg said...

Do think about Churchill more often.

I'm glad that you've been diagnosed, and hope that their treatment isn't too awful.

Keep on keepin' on.