Monday, March 7, 2011

Pile O Shawls

The problem with staying focused and on track with the weaving is the mountain of finishing that needs to be done. OTOH, with surgeries in my immediate future that will prevent weaving during recovery, having handwork that I can do during the down time is not a bad thing. :)

I am not fringe twisting the shawls - for a couple of reasons. Reason a) is two fold - with 10 epi the fringes would not twist nicely and would be spaced quite far apart. Besides, the yarn is relatively stiff and the twisted fringe would be stiff on a fabric that is very open and has lots of drape (as you can probably tell from the picture I posted yesterday).

Reason b) is that these shawls are quite long so instead of a longish twisted fringe I'll be trimming the fringe down to about an inch to an inch and a quarter. This is silk so it won't degrade like regenerated cellulose yarns. Any longer than 1 1/4 inches and fringes tend to tangle in my experience, so I like to keep them on the shorter side.

There are four more shawls/warps to weave. Guess I'd better go thread #4 and get it woven. If I can manage two today and two tomorrow ---- I'll be DONE!

And then I can start the next bucket of yarns for more shawls and baby blankets. But before I can do that I have to a) finish the red mercerized warp on the AVL and b) wind spools from the skeins so that I can beam the warp sectionally.

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Judith said...

Do you have any thoughts about hemstitching before tying fringes?
I've always done this but noticed that you don't.

Laura said...

No I don't. It's time consuming and I don't feel it adds anything to the finished product. I know many people who prefer to hemstitch - it's a personal preference thing as far as I can see.

If I hemstitch, it's because that's the only edge finish the textile will receive. I do this on items made from fibres that are not regenerated cellulose if I want a short, neat fringe. For these shawls, the warp and weft are very textured - to hemstitch I would have to use a different yarn, which would be difficult to match in terms of colour and would look 'odd' in my opinion.

Instead I'm taking 3 ends and making an overhand knot right at the edge of the weaving.

I'll try to remember to get a photo of the ends and post that.

Ultimately I try to finish the ends in a manner appropriate to the intended purpose of the textile. For these shawls, small neat knots seemed appropriate.