Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fibres West!

The postcards for Fibres West 2011 arrived yesterday.

In addition to a number of workshops there are two lectures (free with admission) which are not to be missed.

Ivan Sayers, fashion historian and raconteur of the first order will present a lecture at 2 pm on Saturday called Surface Embellishments.

I've attended a couple of his historical fashion presentations and he never fails to entertain and inform.

The other presentation will be by Barbara Heller, extraordinary tapestry weaver.

The vendor hall will have a cornucopia of fibre-y treats. Unfortunately this year there will not be a bank machine available on site, but most vendors will happily take cash, cheque or credit card. :) I have not evolved into taking Paypal over my cell phone as I hear some vendors in the US are now doing.

Now if the weather would only co-operate so that the 9 hour trip will not turn into a 12 hour white knuckle adventure.....(we have to go into Vancouver first, then back to Abbottsford to set up the next day). Road trips during this time of the year are always - uncertain.

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