Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Merchants, Princes and Painters

This book by Lisa Monnas was recently mentioned on one of the chat groups, probably WeaveTech. I requested it on inter-library loan and of course it arrived right before we are heading off on a road trip. I've got it until the 22nd so I'm going to hang onto it and see how much I can read before it needs to be returned.
Well, when I say 'read', I probably mean - drool over the incredible textiles!
The book does not look at the ordinary everyday textiles of the 1300's to 1550's but the textiles of the upper classes. The princes, both secular and religious.
The thing to remember as weavers is that all of the textiles shown in this book are hand spun and hand woven.
I have seen some similar textiles in the flesh during my visit to Gawthorpe Hall in the Lakes District of England so I have some understanding of the reality of these textiles. They are, in a word, amazing. If you can't visit a museum such as the Victoria and Albert, I think this book is a good next best thing.


mtayti said...

uhh... curse you?

Amazon had it for $35.99, so you can visit mine at spinning.

Laura said...

I know, I know - I'm so bad.


Anonymous said...

I will have to get my name on the interlibrary loan list for this book! Have a good trip.

Laura said...

Luv interlibrary loans!!!!