Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

warp bundles threaded - I tie each group of 6 or 8 ends in a slipknot, then tie each repeat into a bigger slipknot as one way to keep track of my threading....

It seems as though I've been weaving nothing but plain weave for months.

Oh wait!  It seems that way because I've been weaving nothing but plain weave for months!  

Since it's been ages since I've threaded anything but a straight draw I figured I'd better choose something fairly simple for my sample warp and it wouldn't hurt if it was something I was already very familiar with so back I went to Wall of Troy extended over 16 shafts.

This warp has a very rigid stripe that does not fit into the Wall of Troy threading sequence in any way but I figured that would add some zest to the cloth and make the stripe less rigid visually.

Today I got the warp 2/3's threaded and will finish the rest tomorrow.  I may or may not start weaving as it will depend on how long it takes to finish threading, sley the reed and get tied on.  But it would be nice to at least have some samples to show a friend on Saturday to get her feedback.

I'm aiming for a very specific purpose for this fabric, a purpose I'm not intimately familiar with, so getting some knowledgable feedback will be critical before I weave the prototype textiles and offer them to a very discerning market.

Saw an interview with Deepak Chopra tonight in which he commented that he doesn't know everything.  That the search for answers is part of the journey.  I feel the same way.

Currently reading Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris


Anonymous said...

I feel I'm currently searching for the right questions. Or maybe it's matching questions to answers...

Laura said...

He essentially said his job was to find the right questions to ask, so you're on the right track, I think. :)