Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fox Fibers

before and after

Well, I was going to run the sample through the washer 6 times before comparing the colour of the before and after samples, but this shows the change in colour after only 3 times through the washing machine.

I will continue to process the 'after' sample to see if the colour continues to change or not, but this is a pretty dramatic difference already!

It will be very interesting to see if the lighter value colours will change as much since it looks to me as though they are made by blending white fibres in with the naturally coloured ones.

Made some headway on sewing up the prototypes of the new product.  One is complete, a second ready to be sewn, which I will do today.

Since cycle #5 has been delayed until next week, I am going to try to finish weaving the rest of the prototype warp and get the last two prototypes at least wet finished this weekend.  But the samples are looking promising and I will probably go ahead with a production run and then see about presenting the items to the potential market to find out what the reaction from potential customers will be.  Still lots of groundwork to accomplish.

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Evelyn said...

Great looking sample. I have found that the ph of the water can have an effect on the colour change of naturally coloured cottons.

Laura said...

As I understand it, the alkalinity is what kicks the change into happening. I used a fairly heavy detergent solution when I ran the samples through.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

They're beautiful! I love how the colors deepen with the wet finishing.

Anne said...

Love the new structure and to me it looks like there is more differential after washing. Cannot wait to see what you do with it.