Friday, July 22, 2011

Black and Red

Here is prototype (aka full sized sample) number 3.  On this one I used black for the weft.  Not sure what I'll use for weft on #4 - will have to go digging in the stash to see what I have.  Even though I'm thinking the bamboo will be too slippery, I do have enough of the Bambu 12 in a red to weave a fss, which I may do just to satisfy my curiousity.  That's what sampling is for, right?

The poll I put on the blog is almost over and with 123 votes 89% are for yes, 10% maybe.  That's quite strong favourable results.

After discussing technology challenges with my web maestro today we have come up with a plan.  It will need a bit more work on  my part but will mean a whole lot less work on his part. 

I still have to deal with photographing the samples but think I've got a workable plan for that, too.  I just need to set the studio up with a photography area.  Since that means dedicating my work table for that until I'm done, and I need to sew the prototypes first, I'm waiting until those are ready before I jump into that part of the job.

After a lot of thought and reading through the comments received I have also decided to 'publish' Magic on a cd.  That way if people have computer crashes they will not lose the content but can simply re-load from their cd.  Given that the files will be on a cd I see no reason to involve a 3rd party so rather than sell digital Magic via some other website, I will do that myself.  Since I would have to do all the marketing myself anyway, I could not see the wisdom in paying a 3rd party to host the files.

And my web maestro dangled an intiguing idea before me today - more on that once he investigates a bit further to see if it's feasible.  But as usual, he's right on the cutting edge of the technology.  And that's all the hint I will give about that right now!

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Anonymous said...

You might be interested to know that a recent query in the Online Guild about wet finishing has resulted in a surge of recommendations for Magic! Everyone is now rushing to be first in the queue for the Association Library copy, and if you get a sudden surge in orders for the abridged version you'll know why...

Laura said...

Unfortunately the shipping to the UK is terribly high - people over the pond might be more interested in the digital version. :) There are only 15 copies of abridged Magic left!

Have started working on the article for the Journal. :)


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

It's interesting how the red seems to be in a 'diamond' pattern. I think you succeeded in breaking up the distinct stripes.

Laura said...

The weave structure does have diamonds in it - they show up more in the lighter value stripes than the darker ones. ;)