Friday, July 8, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Bought some batts from Jude Pilote of Ewesful Creations which arrived yesterday and I got inspired to set right down and start spinning.  Today I plied the first bobbin using a black rayon with glitter.  The glitter is a little stiffer than I'd hoped, but I still think the yarn turned out rather well.  :)

Also continuing the count down of the last of the silk gimp warps - finished #6 today and just about to go and dress the loom with #5.  Running out of choices for weft colours so I may get inventive and be a little bolder about weft colours.  Necessity being the mother and all.  :^)  And sometimes it helps to get shoved out of one's comfort zone and be forced to be a little bit brave or adventurous or sometimes just a little silly.

The road less travelled and all. 

Ultimately I'm hoping to finish these warps before the yarn I just ordered starts arriving! 

It's been raining for several days with more to come.  It could stop now - I wouldn't mind....

Currently reading Darkness of the Deep by Aline Templeton


Sandra Rude said...

That yarn is yummy.

If you like science fiction, try anything by Alistair Reynolds (UK author). We've enjoyed all his books.

Laura said...

Thanks - I've not read any of his books. I'll check the library and see if they have some.


Jude Pilote said...

The Yarn turned out Awesome. I am always interested to see what my Batts become.