Friday, July 29, 2011


For the last prototype I tried the Bambu 12 (about 2/16 grist).  The colours together were lovely and vibrant, just what I needed as this week continued grey, wet and dreary.

This afternoon I cut the warp off the loom - had the happy circumstance of running out of weft just about the same time I ran out of warp at just the length I think I need for my full sized sample.  :)  Tomorrow I'll wet finish the two lengths of fabric on the beam and press on Sunday.

I've been working with another creative person to work up these samples/prototypes and we're thinking of sending them off to a 3rd person to test drive them.  Perhaps we are too close to them to be objective.  I think I've come pretty close to matching the cloth to the function but only a field test will work to see if I have.

None of the ffs's are 'perfect' but that's what prototyping is all about, right?  And yes, I do watch Prototype This from time to time!  :^)

I'm currently reading a biography of Leonard Cohen.  I'd read one written in the 1990's and wanted to find out how his life has gone since that book was written.  I have to confess I'm not all that happy with the book.  It seems to suffer from too little human editing with too much reliance on spellcheck and I'm finding lots of typos and poor grammar.  But I will continue to read because I am interested in the subject.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Laura, the reds are spectacular. Really interested to see your prototypes....wondering what you have up your sleeve. Lovely work, as usual! You Rock girl!