Sunday, July 31, 2011

Next Up

Today I wet finished the last two prototype textiles.  As it happens, all four are 'seconds' in one way or another.  The red Bambu weft one suffers from two different dye lots.  Unfortunately the colour difference was not noticable when it was on the cones, it only showed up when I wove with the pirns.  But as prototypes I now have enough information to go ahead with a 'real' warp. 

There is one more piece of the puzzle which I hope to discover on this warp - do I need to weave with a temple, or not?  I'm thinking I'm going to be much happier with the results if I do.  Unfortunately I don't have one the correct size so I'm going to have to try weaving on this warp and find out if I need to order one in.  Hopefully I can start weaving before chemo on Wednesday and place an order.  I don't know if I'll feel up to weaving until after the chemo ick wears off and Leclerc are very good about shipping things so I'll probably dress the Leclerc Fanny and weave on that loom if I need to wait for a temple to arrive from Quebec.

I've still got oodles of yarn I need to reduce from my stash, writing/editing/photography to do, fringe twisting, preparation of inventory to be shipped soon, spinning, and so on and so forth.  There is no lack of things to be done other than weaving on the AVL! 

The next warp is over half threaded and I'm hoping to finish that off tomorrow afternoon and be able to weave on Tuesday.


Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

Beautiful picture! I love the soft stripes. Look forward to seeing the finished product. I am in awe with how much you accomplish in a day!

Anne said...

As a beginner weaver on a very old loom, I can see that I have a lot to catch up on, speed wise that is. Laura you amaze me on the amount you do even going through chemo and that is an inspiration.
Question - what will the temple do to enhance your weaving?

Laura said...

The draw in on this warp was such that I started to have tension problems on the selvedges. Normally it's fine, but with the 2/20 merc. cotton it started to cause problems at the selvedge. With the temple the warp stays at it's width in the reed. It's slower weaving but the tension difficulties were causing me to slow down and deal with the them, anyway. Once I get into the rhythm of weaving an inch and moving the temple it goes quickly enough and I suspect I'll be happier in the long run. :)