Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Quiet Day

The morning went smoothly although the night was far too short and I'm tired today.  After we left the clinic we went to get my driver's license renewed before it expired on the 9th - I really don't need to be dealing with re-writing my driver's license right now! - and then to city hall to pay the land taxes which were due tomorrow. 

We had lunch out because Doug had an appointment at 2 pm and he dropped me off home after we ate.  A friend phoned to see if I was up for a visit - I was! - and we took blueberry smoothies for refreshment.  :)

After she left I played games on the computer for an hour then decided to have an early dinner and after that watched some recorded tv and plyed the yarn I'd finished spinning last night.

I'm pleased to  notice my plying is becoming a lot more consistent.  I think both of these skeins can be used in one project even though the singles is pretty 'textured'.  Nothing like a little practice in order to become more consistent!

Finished reading Blackfly season this morning - nothing like having 3-4 hours to just sit and read - and will begin No Such Creature by Giles Blunt tonight.  Also stocked up on more books yesterday at the library - some new-to-me Canadian authors as well as some other favourites that became available.


Louisa said...

You do realise that your quiet day was really pretty busy, don't you? :D

Martha said...

Sounds like a great day! And I received my book from you - it's fabulous! Thank you for your amazing effort in putting it together! I will cherish it.

Laura said...

Glad it arrived - so glad the strike is over. :) Am waiting for some parcels to wend their way to me, including the yarn I just ordered on Sunday.

Stash busting proceeds, looking forward to new yarns to play with.


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Happy belated Birthday, Laura! (For some reason, I couldn't access 'comments' from my home computer while I was on vacation.) I hope the coming year is kinder to you than than the past one has been!

Laura said...

Thanks Rhonda - things just have to get better, right? ;)