Friday, November 2, 2012

Studio Fair Opens!

A very quick peek via my cell phone camera at the booth just before the doors opened.  I always ask for a corner booth at this show as I feel it gives people a much better look at my stuff but bigger shows are so expensive I only get an aisle booth there.  I much prefer the openness of the corner booth but my budget is limited so we make do with the closed in (so to speak) U shape.

Shows of this calibre in large cities can be very spendy (as a friend says) and travelling long distances, staying in big city hotels with big city rates, the cost of gas and meals while travelling - well, belts get tightened and 'sacrifices' have to be made.

In Vancouver we will have a room with a kitchenette and will therefore make and bring bag lunches.  I can't remember if Doug said we have the same in Calgary.  With my food allergies, making and bringing my own food just makes sense, anyway.

The good news?  I got a sale first thing.  Now keeping fingers crossed that trend continues!

(scarves and shawls on the one wall, tea towels, table runners and placemats along the other wall, along with the cash/sales area)


Anonymous said...

Your stall looks great..I hope you make many more sales :)

Anonymous said...

Laura, your weaving stall is perfect. Love all the colors and textures they really catch a person's eye. Hope you make a ton of sales.

Laura Fry said...

Things were very quiet - I think it's a combination of the economy and aging population. I had at least 3 people out right say they were only buying consumables...three more said their 20+ year placemats I wove at the beginning of my career are still in daily use and not needing replacement. Market saturation at work. :}

charlotte said...

I keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you great sales! I hope saturday and sunday are good days for you. Your booth looks very inviting :-)