Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Road Trips

One thing about travelling to do these two craft fairs is that Doug is doing the majority of the driving so I have lots of time to doze....and think.

While I try to stay in the now as much as possible, there is no denying that life requires a certain amount of forward planning.   And optimism.

The week we get home from Calgary is packed with appointments and commitments, including my next Rituximab treatment, which effectively wipes out two mornings.  Friday we head south to Williams Lake for another craft fair, one I've not done before.  I only got in because one of their local weavers had to cancel at nearly the last minute.  I am not sure the people will buy because my prices are on the higher side, but the show fees are not too high so overall costs are lower.  And this past week gasoline prices have dropped so that helps, too.

The following weekend is the local sale where I will discount any orphans (discontinued lines) and have yarns and rovings, as well.  Last night I learned about a pop up sale on the 15th of December, so I've emailed asking about participating in that, too.  I may just do yarns for that, but since there is a yarn shop in the building, perhaps textiles would be best.  I could just bring the two scarf racks and maybe some tea towels as they are selling 'tables' not booth spaces.

In between all that I have to clear the last of the red warp off the AVL, order in more yarn for the designer and weave fabric for approval before the new year, getting the first 'sample' cloth to her before I leave for North Carolina.

Not to mention finalize trip plans, ship yarns and workshop instructions for three, possibly four workshops (I allow one day per workshop).  One more guild inquired about filling in part of the week between Nashville and Memphis.

Do you see anywhere in that list a week to crash and regenerate?

Ah, the busy life of the itinerant weaver!

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