Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elastic Time

I know that time is elastic...all the time that is lacking in the weeks leading up to a show snap back during the show....

This morning was painfully slow.  Depressingly slow.  The crowds did not materialize, no doubt due to the crisp but sunny day.  Who wants to be cooped up inside on what might be the last glorious day of autumn?

Finally sales started to pick up and in the end, partly due to other vendors shopping, partly due to some serious Christmas shopping going on, the day is ending on a good note.

But those hours until the ice broke and sales started happening were extremely difficult.  It is essential to keep smiling and keep the faith.  Easier said than done at times but absolutely necessary!

Currently reading Into the Woods by Kim Harrison


charlotte said...

I'm happy the day ended with good sale! I too find it very difficult to keep smiling, when there are no customers around or when nothing gets sold.

Anonymous said...

Boy, can I relate to your comments!! It ain't over til it's over, tho. Sometimes Sunday is my best day, by alot! but you can't rely on that, can you?

Laura Fry said...

As an introvert doing the shows is the most difficult part for me. But until its sold, the job isn't 'done'.