Thursday, November 22, 2012

Two More

Today I had the sixth of eight Rituximab treatments, in the new cancer clinic facility.  I brought a small hanging that I hope will help brighten the treatment room up as, being brand new, it is still a little sterile in terms of atmosphere.  I suggested it would look best hung in front of a window and the nurse said she would bring a suction cup 'sky hook' from home to put it up.  If I can find a photo I will post, but I will have to dig deep into the bowels of my photo library.  Or take a photo of it in situ at a later date.

My veins were not co-operating today and they finally got the iv into a vein right where the wrist bends.  Which would have been ok except it won't stop bleeding.  Therefore throwing a shuttle or doing much at all with my left hand seems like a bad idea.  :(

The good news is that the oncologist said yesterday that they expect me to be around for a good long time to come and urged me to continue to monitor and deal with the hypertension, which is still an issue.

I told him that I expect to be around for a good long time, too.  :)

Now if I can figure out the bp stuff and lose some weight I will be a very happy camper!


DebbieB said...

So glad you're 3/4 finished with the treatments, Laura!

Louisa said...

Glad you'll be sticking around, Laura! Take care of yourself. {hugs!!!}

charlotte said...

Take care, I hope you get well soon!

Sandra Rude said...

I'm so glad to hear the positive news! That's terrific! If it were me, it would make taking the last two treatments a piece of cake, knowing they'd be the last. Although I do understand the problem of using the wrist veins for target practice - I always hate that too.