Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Donation Scarves

stack o' scarves....

I needed more body maintenance today which meant a trip to the building where my doctor has his office.  His receptionist started a 'toy' drive a few years ago with all the donated things going to St. Vincent de Paul. Last night I sewed in all the tails and this afternoon got them through the washer and dryer so that I was able to deliver them today.  I hope that some kids will enjoy a new scarf for Christmas.  I am happy because that stack of scarves is now off the back of my sofa (where I pile them as I finish knitting them).  Of course I've already started another one so there will soon be another stack abuilding....

Today was mostly administrivia again but I've got the labels ready for the hand painted bamboo skeins.  Tonight I'll drag the suitcase up to the guild room, snap them out, twist them and tie on the labels.  Hopefully I can get them all done but if not, the rest can wait until Saturday morning.  Boxed up the yarn that is here and asked Doug to pick up the rest from the annex when he delivers the empty boxes from the shows and the display equipment that gets stored up there.  We will deliver everything to the room on Friday and get set up, ready for sales on Saturday.

Little by little.

The rest of the afternoon I decided to take 'off' and have been working on a jigsaw puzzle.  I'm hoping to get a couple more done so I can take a bag of them up to my mom's later this week.  I've been collecting puzzles for a few years - a couple here, a couple there - and now have a huge stack of them because there has been no time to make any of them.

Since I'm the boss, I'm giving my best employee a few days 'grace'.....  :^)

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Sandra Rude said...

That's why they pay you the big bucks as top manager - so you can treat your best employee well! Hope your sale goes well.