Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Year, Another Sale

Circle Craft is over for another year.  In the end it went well enough that we will likely return next year.  The show, which encompasses Remembrance Day, will run Thursday to Monday next year.  I don't know if that is A Good Thing or not.  Guess we will find out.

Today I joined the shoppers.  With it being Sunday and Remembrance Day I knew the first two hours would be slow and it was.  When the crafts person gets bored, she goes shopping!

I got a small gift for Doug and some lavender personal care products for my mom.  I don't think she can do her long luxurious baths anymore, but some nice hand made soaps and a bottle of body lotion should be a bit of a treat, I hope.

A vendor wanted to trade so I wound up with a new ring.  A couple of years ago I forced my wedding band off before it had to be cut off.  It was a ring made by my father from a fifty cent piece and the jeweller Doug took it to about resizing said he could not do it.  So, now I have a new wedding band.  I probably won't wear it except for 'good' as it has some texture and I worry about it catching on the threads.  :/

Another vendor also asked to trade so I got a big handful of notecards.

Lastly I bought a new coat.  The gal was from Montreal and it was her first time at Circle Craft.  It is technically a rain coat but it also has some ability to cut the wind as well as rain so should make a good spring/autumn coat.  It is reversible, so really I got two coats for the price of one.  :). And I can retire the polar fleece coat I don't like.

The show ended at five and by 8:30 or so we were driving out of the hall...into the Vancouver November rain.

Next stop...somewhere on Hwy 1, en route to Calgary.   Well, we will stop and visit with one of Doug's nieces on the way out of the Lower Mainland.  We have two and a half days to get to Calgary and we are in no particular rush.


Sue Bye said...

I enjoy those "no particular rush" drives. I hope yours goes well.

Sandra Rude said...

Glad the show went well for you. I'm not crazy about the idea of a 5-day show, though - sounds exhausting! Safe travels en route Calgary.

Laura Fry said...

Five days is long. Thankfully Doug is happy to help in the booth. :)