Friday, November 9, 2012

Display thoughts

Learning what works in terms of display is a process. This is what works for me....

Textiles should be displayed hanging and where ever possble, draped.

I colour group but try to have points of contrast. The eye should flow but also be encouraged to stop and rest here and there.

I don't like my textiles to look like the bargain bin but neither do I want them too regimented. People should feel able to touch and try on.

A mirror is essential for things meant to be worn.

Everything is priced. (If you have to ask you probably can't afford it.)

Good lights are essential or my colours look dull and dead.
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Anonymous said...

Laura, Are the black background curtains yours? Or are they supplied by the venue? Is black best for showing off your work, or is there another hue that would work better? I've looked at other displays online and often wondered. --Sue in MA

Laura Fry said...

The drapes are supplied by the venue. The colour doesn't really matter although the value does. A dark background will pop the colours in the foreground.