Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Change of Pace

Got the fourth scarf warp into the loom and wove the first scarf this morning.  Changed to blue/green, partly for a change of pace, partly because I may need to order more weft yarns in so thought I'd better work on some different colours.

I tend to work in 'batches' because using hand dyed cellulose yarns means that there will be a certain amount of fugitive dye.  Therefore having a washing machine load of the same or similar colours means I don't have to worry too much about dye transfer.  Not that I let the cloth soak - rinse, rinse, rinse - make sure the dyes don't have time to settle anywhere else!

Having the scarf warps to work on while jet lagged was actually A Good Thing.  No thinking required, just follow my notes and do.  (There is no 'try', only 'do'.)

But now that I'm nearly back to my 'normal' routine, it is time to start looking at the stack of administrivia that has been building.

My calendar for next year is virtually empty.  This is good - and bad.  Bad because I don't know where my income will be coming from, so to speak.  When I have a full schedule of teaching events, I am assured of a certain amount of cash flow coming in.  OTOH, historically when I have had a great gaping blank in my schedule it usually means that the universe (or whatever you call the intelligence behind this reality) has something up it's sleeve.  So I'm not panicking about that blank slate.  More just curious about what is coming down the pipeline.

To that end I have been working on several projects which may - just may - be part of what will begin to fill up my calendar next year.  There is a good chance that rather than teaching in person, I may take on more of a role on the internet.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, there is a great deal of preparation for these things to be done.  With a schedule cram packed with more than half of this year left to go?  I am going to have to stay on top of things so that I don't start missing some critical deadlines....


Daryl said...

Wow Laura, I noticed the same thing about my calendar, almost nothing for next year. But you are right, the universe has a way of clearing paths for new adventures. I'll stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Sounds promising to me... especially if internettedness means we don't have to drag you all the way over here to learn from you!

Laura Fry said...

OTOH, being drug over there means I get to see what you are doing... :^)

Life is always interesting. Hope your schedule fills with neat stuff, Daryl.