Friday, May 17, 2013


Almost.  I am back in Canada, at any rate. And the first of the dyed warps are already in the studio waiting for me and I have a long list of writing stuff to be done.  And I have a jet lagged brain more similar to mush than anything else

But I'm home.  Almost.


Barbara braaten said...

Pleased to hear you are home safe and sound even though you have mush for a brain, mine is like that all of the time.

Sandra Rude said...

Welcome home! You're allowed to have jet-lag-brain for a few days. The theory is that for every hour of time difference, it takes a day to recover. So I hope you've got some not-brain-intensive tasks on your list for the next week along with the writing tasks!

Laura Fry said...

I hadn't heard about that rule of thumb before. I did manage a bit of weaving today but faded quickly. Tomorrow should be better. ;)