Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mission Accomplished...

...sort of.

I had several things I hoped to accomplish on this trip.

¤ Cold mangle the samples for A Good Yarn:LandH.

That got done even though it did take two days instead of one.

¤ Sew two summer tops.

Well, one got done, the other is cut out and the pieces serged.  It was good to go through the layout again because cutting the pieces on the bias is not exactly straight forward!

If I can I am going to try and get the rest of the tops cut out and serged asap when I get home while it is still fresh in my mind.  OTOH, the work is piling up so I don't know if that is going to be possible given the approaching set of deadlines.

¤ Tour England and Scotland's textile mills (as many as we could fit in) and try to see their wet finishing equipment.

Well, we found some mills, some of them in better nick than others, but none of them had wet finishing to see.  Over and over again we discovered that the wet finishing was done 'elsewhere'.

So that was a disappointment.  And probably means another trip, another time?

¤  Meet some of the weavers known only on the internet. 

It was grand to meet the weavers in Scotland at Belinda Rose's studio, Cally at her studio (even though the pics didn't turn out), Andrew and Stacey.  We were near a couple more but didn't connect, so again, another trip, another time?

I just wish the commute wasn't such a killer.

Tomorrow we drive to Stockholm (about an 8 hour trip) and then on Friday at noon my flight leaves for Munich.  From there to Vancouver is an 11 hour flight.  I should walk in the door of my home before midnight.  Don't remember actual arrival time, if I get home on time, but essentially 12 hours plus the 9 hour time zone difference.

Anyone working on that matter transmitter yet????


Laura Fry said...

and for photos of the summer top see Kerstin's blog

Margreet said...

I've so enjoyed reading your travel report together with that of Kerstin's. May be next time you could stop in Holland too :-)
Have a safe journey back and looking forward to next Good Yarn instalment.

Anonymous said...

It was fantastic to meet you both! I have been mangling away with a rolling pin (and upsetting the resident pastry chef...)

Dorothy said...

I would love to see you if you come back! You drove all around me, I live in the edge of the peak district, 20 mins from Paradise Mill, 1/2 hour from Quarry Bank, 45 mins from Massam Mill. Should you wish to repeat any part of the trip, do let me know.

It has been a pleasure to follow your trip by blog and see the lovely photos.

Laura Fry said...

Cally, it sounds as though you need to add a rolling pin of your own to your textile tools! Dorothy, we knew we were near but didn't have contact info. Who knows, maybe Kerstin and I can do another road trip sometime. :^)

Dorothy said...

Hi Laura, I have been thinking about how to make it easier to find my contact details and added a link for my business website near the top of my blog. I can't integrate blog and website, the blog is not sufficiently relevant to my work. If all else fails any one in the Online Guild of WSD and anyone selling handspinning supplies should have my contact details: say you are looking for the editor of YarnMaker.