Monday, May 20, 2013


Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy...

scarf #2 just begun - #1 is visible below 

scarf #3 -  photos do not do the colours justice

Sometimes having SABLE is a good thing.  The first of the painted warps is a bit pastel and I wasn't sure I had the 'right' weft for it.  But a good rummage in my stash turned up several good candidates.

Scarf #1 was woven with a fairly bright almost (but not quite) bubble gum pink.  Scarf #2 used a medium violet (just visible in the shuttle).  Scarf #3 is begun and lurking at the back of the shelf was the perfect darker pink, just the right shade to go with the warp at this point.

I do have bright white but there is just enough white in the warp that I didn't want to go that route.  Areas of white on white would dominate the scarf in a way that I would not find pleasing.  So, to find the darker pink plus a deeper brownish pink means that I have just exactly the right colours to go with the first two warps.  The second warp is similar to this one but has some interesting brownish/violet areas and I think the brownish pink will be perfect for weft.

I ought to be doing some more writing but I got so excited about the painted warps that I just jumped onto the loom and ploughed onwards.

Doug is pressing the samples for A Good Yarn: LandH.  The cloth got a bit scrunched in my suitcase so a tidying press will make the cloth easier to cut and staple.

The weather has not improved - it is chilly and overcast.  For a long weekend where people traditionally open their summer cabins, it is fairly depressing.  Here's hoping we get some nice weather soon.  Winter stayed far too long and spring is taking much too long to arrive....

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