Saturday, May 11, 2013

Last Night

It is our last night in England.  Tomorrow we will leave St Albans and start heading towards the ferry.  It has been just great.  Although we didn't get to see everything or meet everyone we would have liked to, we did see quite a lot.  It would be fantastic to have seen more of the wet finishing aspect, but most of that is done in separate places from where the spinning and weaving gets done.

A few more days in Sweden and then I will head home.  Things are starting to pile up there and I am beginning to feel the pressure of an extremely busy schedule when I get back.  

Some of the opportunities that have presented themselves are beginning to come together and all of them require time for preparation and organization.  Not to mention the dyed warps should be coming soon, too.  Or at least the first of them.  The dyer has promised that she would have some ready for me when I get home.

I did do a little pre-planning during the flight over for one 'job', but I very quickly saw that I needed my big computer not the iPad to juggle the vast amount of information.  The notebook that comes with the iPad just doesn't have the word processing capability I am now used to in order to edit large word files.  But an outline is prepared and once I'm over the jet lag should be able to polish the presentation sufficient to send off for consideration.

And, well, I'm missing the loom.  I did leave a very simple mat warp on the small loom but the AVL is empty.  Not sure what to put on there.  Perhaps some tea towels.  I do have a lot of cotton...

Of course I also have the rest of A Good Yarn: Linen and Hemp to finish.  Can't forget about that!   June will be here very soon, so soon I may not get it done before the ANWG conference.  So many little time!

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