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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Looking Westwards

With just a couple of days left here in Bergdala, I am beginning to look towards home and what will await me when I get there.  I had hoped to do a little more sewing before I left, but I have had a sewing tutorial and am pretty sure I can carry on at home.  Whether or not I will is another question.  In order to sew I have to totally rearrange the studio and quite frankly I am missing the loom time and am quite anxious to get a shuttle in my hands!  And after all, I do have one new summer top!

'Then there is writing the text, cutting samples, assembling and so on that needs to be done to complete AGY:LandH....

There are also two conferences coming up very quickly that I need to prepare for.  Three if you count the Alberta conference which Doug will do on his own.  And that means I have to get everything ready for him so that he can cope with the booth at Olds without my input.

Two major projects are also beginning to come to reality. (More details when I have them.)  Both will require buckets of preparation and both are scheduled for this August. 

So when I get home, I need to finish the mat warp on the small loom first.  The painted warps should arrive shortly and they need to go onto the small loom lickety-split so that the fringe twisting can be done (twisting takes as long as the weaving) and of course, the wet finishing, I should get a tea towel warp onto the big loom and think about what else needs to be woven (and finished) in time for the fall sales.

It seems odd to be so concerned about events several months down the road when my objective in terms of living is to stay in the present moment as much as possible!  But that is the nature of the life I live.  I have long term deadlines (goals) which can only be met by concentrating on what needs to be done to make those goals become reality.  And that is only accomplished by staying in the now, doing what needs to be done every day.  Weaving is like eating the proverbial elephant.  One bite at a time.  One thread at a time.  You cannot get to 'done' without the intermediate steps.....


Laura said...

On one of your previous posts, you mentioned not being able to use your iPad adequately for word processing. I don't know if you know about CloudOn? You start a document in your normal word processor (Word, I think works best), save it to a cloud location (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Then you can open it in CloudOn and it works just exactly like normal. I used this recently at a show, modifying my inventory as things sold, using Excel. It was great!

I've loved the travelogue - these are places that i would love to visit, but probably will never get there, as I'm too much of a homebody.

Laura Fry said...

Thanks for the tip. I don't actually use The Cloud at the minute but I may need to look into that...

Peg Cherre said...

I think all your forward thinking, your planning, is the name of the game when one is self-employed. If you wove ONLY because you enjoyed it, not to sell the fruits of your labor, it would be much easier to stay in the moment.

That's my story & I'm sticking to it.