Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Rebel Born

As a kid growing up, there were all sorts of dress 'codes' that were strictly adhered to.  There were certain colours you just never, ever wore together.  Red heads never wore pink.  You never wore white shoes after Labour Day or before Victoria Day.  Or maybe that was Easter.  Your hand bag and shoes had to be the same colour, etc.

When I was about 14 or 15 I paired a bright apple green skirt with a deep blue/teal sweater.  When I went to meet my school mate to walk to school, she berated me for wearing blue and green.  Horrors!  What had I been thinking?  Blue and green were never, ever seen together!

"Green trees.  Blue sky."

She wasn't impressed with my logic.

Of course all that went out the window during the swinging '60's and Mary Quant et al.

And today this pink/orange/red/yellow warp flames into being on my loom.

It's all good.

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Sandra Rude said...

Yeah, I was told that as a redhead, I shouldn't wear red. I had a favorite skirt, sweater, and tights in matching fire-engine red. Loved to freak out the nay-sayers by wearing an all-red outfit!

Laura Fry said...


Another born rebel!


Klara said...

Funny, I also loved to wear a green skirt with a blue cardigan, thinking of green grass under a blue sky. I think that was after the swinging sixties, but my mother still didn't like it.

But I've only recently gotten around to combining pink, orange and red...

Swanknitter said...

You brought back a lot of memories about dress codes. A lady never goes out without a slip. And I had to have a hat and gloves for church. Yikes. Then I started making my own clothes in the 60's and ran riot making Vogue patterns for school, Mary Quant included. I remember a red and pink dress I make, also a lime green and pink one.