Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting Ready, Set...

My flight leaves at 7 am to Vancouver, then to O'Hare and finally to Boston.  It will be a 13 hour trip plus the 3 hour time difference at the other end.

Today I'm trying to tie up a few loose ends, leaving some things for when I get home because I just can't cope with them right now.  Like my GST return, which means balancing 3 months worth of ledger entries - which haven't actually been entered - yet.

I made some last minute decisions about what I was going to bring with me - and what I wasn't.  I'm staying at a hotel so I'll have a/c, which means I ought to be able to sleep in the heat/humidity.  But that also means a fairly substantial walk to and from the campus.  Which wouldn't be terrible, if I didn't have all the teaching stuff to lug.  I'm keeping fingers crossed I can move into 'my' room on Thursday evening so that I can get set up and ready to go for the 8:30 am start time.

I'm teaching four sessions, back to back, but at least only two topics.  Hope my voice lasts.  This time I'm going to remember to have some water!

Since I had to cancel my participation at NEWS two years ago, I'm really looking forward to being there this year.  I'm hoping to finally meet, in person, some people I've gotten to know via the internet.  I am also looking forward to seeing my friend's textile collection - things that she purchased while she lived and worked there, eventually learning to weave so she would have a better understanding of how the cloth was created.

So I'll be spending my birthday delving into some lovely textiles that I would never otherwise have had an opportunity so see in real life.  Can hardly wait!

And then I will come home to a warp partly on the AVL, and another scarf warp beamed but not threaded, etc.  There are days when I feel the need for a clone, but she'd probably start thinking up even more stuff for us to do!


Sandra Rude said...

Safe travels, and have fun at NEWS!

Laura Fry said...

I got the warp 2/3s threaded so it won't take long to get the rest of the warp ready as soon as I get home. :)

Cathey Byrd said...

The iridescence is beautiful. I'm a new weaver, and that's the look I want to achieve using my handspun silk. Thanks for blogging -- I always learn so much from you!