Monday, July 8, 2013


Had a good long lay over in Vancouver.  It looks like my flight to Chicago is on time although there is an hour to boarding time so things can still change.  :-/

One of the delights of travelling!

The weather has so far co-operated so I'm hoping for a smooth flight.

Finally found a vendor with bananas and bought two for the flight.  I only have about 90 minutes in O'Hare although it looks like I am at least in the same terminal for my connecting flight.  So often it is a mad dash with barely time for a potty break!

Air travel especially seems fraught with people who are tired, confused and cranky.  And this time of year many more children because school is out.  I think every time I come through YVR the procedure changes!

By the time I get home I think plans for one of the pending projects I've been working on will be far enough along that we can make an announcement.  Another has been postponed, thankfully, as there were just too many deadlines coming too quickly.  I'm much happier having more time to properly develop that one.

While I have made good progress on the painted warp front there are still at least 10 more warps to weave to get a good colour selection, the sample warp on the AVL to do, place mats and towels to make before the craft fairs start in mid-October.  And two more trips between now and then in addition to this one.

Never a dull moment!  ;)

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