Sunday, July 28, 2013

Measuring Progress

some of the scarves woven since Tuesday last week - still need to be fringe twisted and wet finished

One of the ways I measure productivity is by crossing things off a list of jobs to be done.

Unfortunately when one item on the current list reads "Weave 36 scarf warps" it takes a rather long time to get to the point of being able to cross that off!  In point of fact, I'm still 4 warps shy of the 36, with more warps arriving from the dyer at the end of the month....

But just because I haven't been crossing stuff off my list doesn't mean that I haven't actually been rather productive since I got home from Sweden.  In addition to the 33 warps already woven, I also dealt with a great deal of administrivia, including doing 3 months worth of journal entries and submitting my sales tax return, updated my Power Point presentation for Weaving Today, did some fringe twisting and got Doug to do some pressing which meant running the textiles through the washing machine and dryer.  Not to mention being away for a week, twice!

But I still can't cross that "Weave 36 scarf warps" off my list.

11 weeks to the first sale of the autumn and counting.


Brenda said...

OK, now THAT is why I am discriminating in my list-making. I used to write down everything I needed to do in a day or week, and then became so overwhelmed by it mid-process (and because I added one for every two I stroked off) that I would have a mini breakdown.

I'm still -always - eternally a list-maker but try to be more realistic.

36 warps is idealist and I salute you. My list today - a day at home - is get the bed linens washed and the accounting sorted. Yep, setting the bar low. You're welcome.

Laura Fry said...

I know what you mean. It's why I don't always make lists. It gets distinctly overwhelming at times! But it also serves to remind me of the long term goals...