Thursday, July 4, 2013


Seriously.  I totally meant to take a bunch of pictures today and we got so caught up in making 'not white' that the thought of actually documenting the day completely fell out of my head.

This photo is a bit dark - the colours are brighter than this, really, but I'm tired, I mean really tired and I don't feel like standing up and going down the stairs again to try to get a better shot.  :-/

It all came back to me, just how done I am with dyeing on any kind of scale.  The lugging stuff up (and then back down) the stairs to the guild room, the heat, the humidity, the dealing with huge pots that weigh a ton, etc. etc.

I think I've got one or maybe two more dye days and then everything in my stash will be 'not white' that I need to be 'not white'.

But first the yarn has to be skeined and tied and a day found to - yes, lug everything up the stairs, deal with heavy dye pots, standing at the sink rinsing, rinsing, rinsing.

Obviously I'm not a dyer at heart.  I'm just doing it so that my yarns (and/or cloth) is....not white.

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