Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another Year

It was a great birthday. ;)

Winnie has a marvellous collection of textiles from Southeast Asia.  I took a few photos but trying to load them onto the blog isn't easily accomplished with the iPad so I will post them when I get home.

Tomorrow Winnie will drive me to Northampton, with a detour to WEBS.   I can check to see if they have some of the brass hooks I favour for threading and sleying.  Normally I bring a bunch to sell to my students at cost, but I can't sell anything so I only have one to demo with.  I could have brought one for each and charged a material fee, but not everyone will want one, so I didn't.

I will have dinner with some weavers Wed. Evening and Thursday we will judge the fashion show garments.  Looking forward to the opportunity to see the garments close up. :)

After a nice relaxing day it is nearly time to get into gear and get ready for the weekend.   Really looking forward to meeting some 'new' weavers and seeing their textiles in person.


Katie said...

Hi Laura
I use the Blogpress app on my Ipad and it does photos onto my blogspot blog easily and quickly. Katie

Laura Fry said...

Thanks Katie. I'm still figuring out hoe the iPad works (and not always succeeding!)

Margreet said...

A late Happy Birthday Laura. Have a good year.

terri said...

Belated Happy Birthday!