Wednesday, May 14, 2014

50 Yards

So what does a 50 yard long warp look like?  Like this.

Sectional beaming - the only way to go in this instance imho...

No, this isn't the longest warp I've ever done.

In spite of Life Happening in a mild sort of way, I have managed to get this warp nearly done the beaming part of the process.  I think there are 5 more sections to fill.

My sectional beam is in 1" sections.  Ultimately it means more winding (twice as much as a beam with 2" sections) but it also means I don't have to have as many yarn packages.  Since this warp is 32 epi, if I were beaming 2" at a time I would need to have 74 yarn packages.

This warp is going to use up 32 epi x 44 sections each 50 yards (plus) long = 70,400 + yards - or about 10 pounds of yarn.

With about 1400 ends, it has taken me a couple of hours to beam this much with another 10 minutes or so to finish it off.  (My neck muscles are beginning to protest so I need to stop for a while and do something else.)

Threading will take about 3-4 hours, then an hour or so to sley and tie the warp to the front apron rod.

I am hoping I can finish beaming and at least strip the loom so that threading can begin.  I might even get one repeat done yet today, but at 3 we are attending a memorial service.  While life may go on, it is good to stop and remember one whose journey has ended...

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