Sunday, May 11, 2014

Back to the Stash

One of the benefits of doing the Big Project is that it left me with a standard place mat warp on the loom.  A design that uses up a fair bit of yarn for weft as I bundle several strands together to make a nice thick yarn.  Because 'taking it easy' turned out to be not so much not weaving, as simply not thinking.

I finally got to the point this morning when the little grey cells began to function again - along about the time I could see the end of the mat warp approaching - and I dragged out my Brassard yarn samples in order to assemble an order of yarn.

Using up my stash means buying more yarn to go with it.  Not quite sure how that worked out, but...

I had enough rose pink on hand to go with the big cone of rose on the right hand side of the table, but all the rest?  Not enough yarn to go with it.

And so I have about a 40 (or more) pound order going in tonight so that I can use up the cones of yarn on my work table.  Well, I'm getting some 'extra' because, well, you know...yarn.

Once the mat warp is off the Leclerc I will finish the towel warp on the AVL and get the 50 yard warp on, weave colour samples and send to the designer for approval.  While that happens, I can go back to the Leclerc and put the rose warp on there, then jump back onto the AVL when the designer approves the colours.

In the meantime I have been gradually putting the studio back together.  Next stop - my friend's to pick up all the boxes and bins (and the trampoline) stored there.  Until then, I'm enjoying the room to move about at one end of the studio!

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