Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Queueing Up

So here is the queue of yarn to be used as weft for place mats.  That big cone of blue/green?  It's nearly 5 pounds.  The rose cone at the back?  I used up 1 pound 4 ounces as weft on an 11 meter long warp.  In other words, there is some serious weaving required to use up this yarn...

I'm waiting for more 2/8 cotton to arrive so that I can use up most of this yarn.  I had enough beige that I was able to wind a 'short' warp (9 meters) which should use up that pale beige beside the blue/green.  It's only just one pound.

However I'm also waiting to hear back from the designer at which point I will have to leap onto the AVL to get her proto-type 'samples' for photography done.  If I can manage 5 yards a day it will take 10 straight days of weaving to get that warp woven off.  And of course, that's an optimistic goal.  :-/  Life has a way of happening, after all, and I do have other obligations as well as the weaving.  (Yes, I do have a life.  Sort of.)

But the good news is that the level 2 class at Olds is a 'go'.  Which means I also have to do my teaching prep.  And 4 more Craftsy blogs.  And outline another 'big project' for someone else.  Although my involvement in that project may be more input than actual performance, so to speak.  That is embryonic, and not my idea, I'm just sticking my two cents in.  :)

I also offered to transcribe some files, so I will have to fit that into my schedule somewhere.  It's looking like my 'leisure' time won't happen any time soon.  And that's just fine with me, really.  I had a lovely weekend away with my mom visiting with family friends at a 60th wedding anniversary and I'm actually looking forward to some of these 'new' projects lining up for the summer.

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Katherine Rankin said...

Laura, you've shared good news! Great to hear that Level 2 is a go. The Olds site is still showing it as pending. I'm so looking forward to it.