Friday, May 2, 2014

Onwards I Go

I think I'm over the half way mark on this 30 yard warp.  As soon as I finish the towel I'm in the middle of weaving, I'll cut off what I have woven and see how many towels are on the beam.  And then I'll have a better idea of how much of this warp is left.

There are a few more minor things to do to get ready for the Big Project next week, but I've been saving my energy for what little weaving I can manage.  If nothing else, for the sake of whatever amount of endorphins I can generate.

My cold isn't as horrible as what Doug has/had but it's taking my wind and my energy.

But any forward progress is indeed, progress, so I am grateful I can still weave regardless.

Progress on other fronts, too.  I have a firm order from the designer and the weft yarns arrived yesterday.  As soon as this warp comes off the loom, 50 yards of natural white will go on.  I will weave some samples to make sure she likes the colours she's chosen and then - hopefully - I will be over this cold entirely and able to weave like the wind.

Such an optimist!

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Peg Cherre said...

"Weave like the wind" --- great phrase, great vision.