Friday, May 9, 2014


May 9.  For me this date has special significance for several reasons.

May 9, 1970 Doug and I got married.  

May 9, 2008, I had an angioplasty with two stents installed. 

May 9, 2014 I said goodbye to the 'crew' who is helping bring the latest Big Project into material form. 

While I am no stranger to Big Projects, I didn't  have all of the skills required for this one, so the input of professionals was required.  This project had been on my bucket list for, well, decades.  To finally see this become reality is satisfying beyond my ability to convey. 

It isn't perfect.  I could have done better.  But it's like weaving.  Perfection is pretty much impossible, so you just have to settle for the way it is.  Hopefully it is good enough.  

Next?  Well, that would be Olds and their weaving program.  Got the Letter of Intent yesterday.  Now to hope there are sufficient students for my class to run. 

PS - I know some of you are wondering when the Big Reveal will happen.  Officially it will be right after Convergence. 

Cute little spinning wheel I want to become friends with now that I have a little 'spare' time...


Margreet said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Looking forward to when the Big Project will be unveiled.

Sandra Rude said...

Happy anniversary (for both significant events) and I'm glad the major effort of the BP is over for now. Take a break, please! Oh, and "spare time?" I've heard of it, read about it, but never seen or met it myself. Please elaborate!

Jude Pilote said...

Happy Anniversary to both You & Doug! Wonderful! & Congrats on completing your BIG Project. O am sure it is Wonderful. You are such a Talented Weaver.
I look forward to the reveal!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

May 9, 1970 my daughter was born. OMG, my baby is 44! My how time flies. When she was born I was heavy into sewing and I made all her clothes for years. I didn't start weaving until 2003 and sure wish I had started sooner.