Thursday, May 8, 2014


Some of you have guessed what the Big Project is all about.  This picture will give you another clue.

The studio feels very empty now.  The extra people are gone - or will be tomorrow - gone out of the studio, at least, along with all their equipment.  

The cold that jumped on my body two weeks ago left me drained of energy but I had recovered sufficiently by Monday night that I figured lots of chemicals would keep me functioning.

Right now I am looking forward to a couple of days of R&R - there are about 6 yards left on the AVL which I will pick away at, plus there is an 11 meter long place mat warp on the small loom I can work on as well.

The computer for the AVL has been giving me fits, and I've asked Doug to work on it and see if it needs a new on-board battery.  If that works, yay.  If not, I will dig my laptop out in case I need an emergency system to run the loom.  I most definitely do not want to be buying another computer system to run the loom if I can figure out an alternative.  :-/

The forecast for weather this week was overcast and cool.  Mother Nature decided to show off for my out of town guests and it was lovely spring weather.  By the time we head out to the airport tomorrow morning the town will look significantly 'green'er than when they arrived.  We did some sight seeing and from the university (on the hill overlooking the valley the town is situated in) we had a lovely view.  The white peaks of the distant mountains were clear and because the trees were not fully leafed out we had a pretty good view of the town below.

My town isn't perfect, but it's home.

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