Monday, May 26, 2014

On the Mend

After a few uncomfortable days, my back is settling down and I was able to weave for more than a few minutes today.

My loom looks very sad with all the things dangling off the back of it, but it's working and that's all that matters.

While I always strive for perfection, the fact is that no one and nothing is perfect.  Or at least perfection is so rare as to be almost impossible to obtain.

We all have battle scars from Life Happening, but we carry on.  It is one of the mysteries of life - what's it all about, anyway?  That we don't know, truly, why we are here, we just know that we are.

We have our dreams and goals and we work towards them as best we are able given our talent and determination and we keep trying.  We keep trying in spite of our scars, our imperfections.  We carry on, despite our 'disabilities' - our wonky backs, our arthritic hands/feet - or whatever it is that ails us.  We forge ahead regardless of the obstacles in our way.

In the end - the journey does come to an end, after all - we will be remembered for how well we traveled on our journey, how much we helped others on our way, how much grace we brought with us.

In memory of two more local weavers gone on to whatever is next.  


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

So very sorry for the loss of your friends. You are so right - we are all flawed. What counts is what we do to make the world better.

fireantranch said...

Laura, I am so glad I started following your blog. I started for the weaving, now I'm enjoying your reading lists, the photos, and just the way you WRITE!

Thank you.

Louisa said...

Beautifully put, my dear! So sorry to hear you lost more weaving friends. It seems to happen more often the older we get, doesn't it? Glad your back is improving.