Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to the Loom

Spent the morning winding bobbins for the lace show and share tomorrow but needed a break from that so went down to the loom and wove off a towel.

Unfortunately the cold weather has brought lowered relative humidity, and the linen is being a spoiled brat. :( It's sloughing off the bobbin and wrapping around the spindle on a regular basis so I'm getting a bit frustrated with it. The humidifier is running, but still can't get the humidity over 48% so the linen is pretty dry and snarly.

I really don't like fighting with my yarn (or equipment) but can't fight the conditions any more than I am currently, and since the results are rather nice it's grin and bear it time. :D

The fabric similar to this that I've wet finished turned out really nice so I know this will be nice when it's done, too.

The weather is supposed to warm up beginning tomorrow, so I'm keeping fingers crossed the linen will be better behaved from now on. In the meantime the sun is shining brilliantly so I'm really not complaining............too much. :^) With the warmer weather will come more humidity, yes, but also grey skies and snow/rain. And I'd much rather have the sun and linen that needs to be coaxed a bit.

Besides, this warp should see the end of this extremely fine linen, and that is A Very Good Thing!


Sharon Schulze said...

I'm part of a small group going through Madeleine van der Hoogt's book on drafting. We are doing shadow weave and I was inspired by your use of Wall of Troy. The pattern is turning out realllly cool - it's recognizable as Wall of Troy but looks three dimensional, especially from an angle.

The thing is - I'm spoiled by how fast I can weave with one shuttle and this two shuttle weaving (plus the complicated treadling that can't be done in a true walking fashion) is not as much fun it should be given how much I like the cloth when it's woven.

I just wanted to let you know your earlier work with Wall of Troy inspired me. I'm using up fine yarns too but I'm putting three ends through each heddle so I don't think it counts as true fine thread weaving - not at 12 epi. hee hee

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

I think that weaving with two shuttles is not twice as slow, but three times as slow as one! One reason I try to avoid using more than one shuttle.

OTOH, there are times when we just have to do something 'slow' in order to get the fabric we want whether that is two shuttles or snarly linen. :}

Your Wall of Troy in shadow weave sounds really interesting.