Monday, February 9, 2009


in the cloth, and for saying 'goodbye' for a while. :)
In this photo you can just see the hem area at the bottom as it is rolling around the beam, and then a faint undulation in the towel itself.
I was anxious to have this warp ready to weave on before I left because I'm going to be away for two weeks, and won't be able to get my daily exercise. Since my bp has been erratic for the past 3 weeks, but better when I exercise, I figured it made good sense to be able to leap right on the loom as soon as I got home. :)
The Fanny is currently naked, but Karena is winding some chenille warps for scarves, so I should be able to get some more chenille scarves made for sales this fall. It's been several years since I've offered chenille scarves, so thought maybe it was time to try those again. Besides, I've got all this chenille sitting on my shelves. More stash to use up.
The good news is that the snow fall of this morning has stopped, the skies are clear, and I should be able to leave on schedule at 5 pm. I'm meeting a weaver in the Vancouver area this evening for a late dinner and some good visiting. I don't get to see her often enough, so I'm really pleased it worked out to meet tonight.
I'll be staying with friends part of this trip, so if possible I'll post some road reports. :)
Cheers, and happy weaving etc.

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Sharon said...

Ohhhh... we will miss you. You are inspiring me to use up my stash. It's not that big but I decided I can't buy more yarn until I use this up! You'd think I would start with the fat stuff but you've actually inspired me to start with the fine stuff (nothing finer than 20/2, though... YIKES!)

It also helps that I now look at my stash while I'm weaving so I keep thinking of new ways to put the yarn on the shelves together into things.