Friday, February 13, 2009

Birmingham, AL

The weavers of Birmingham are a great group.  Wednesday we did a 2 hour seminar on dressing the loom, which turned into a day of dressing looms for the workshop.  :)  Thursday we finished getting the looms ready in the afternoon, then had a small reception at one members' house.

Today was the first of the two 1 day workshops.  This topic was the same as Los Angeles and Tucson, but since it was just one day, it was structured differently.  At 3 pm we started cutting the Colour Gamp warps off so the people who were also taking the class Saturday could dress their loom with the new warps.

I was very impressed with the focus of this group!  Even better, they were flexible and forgiving of my mistakes.  :)  What's not to love about a group that forgives one their mistakes???

The weather has been a treat -- rain instead of snow.  A fair trade in February.  :)

Currently reading:  An Unhallowed Grave by Kate Ellis

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