Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bobbin Lace Show and Share

Friday I'm doing a lace show and share again but of course I had something started on one of my pillows so before I can prepare the pillow, I have to finish my little bookmark. :)

I'm using thrums left over from a warp I did months ago with some of the 2/20 mercerized cotton. The main threads are dark blue with green under tones, and some bright emerald green for workers on the fans and running down the centre.

It's turning out well and I'm pleased with it.

Doesn't look like I'll get to the loom today, though. I still have about half an hour left to finish the bookmark and then get 3 pillows ready. I'm just using the pricking for the little bracelet we made at the Show and Share in January again.

I think our lace group is meeting Sunday. I'll be able to start a new project since this bookmark will be done. Not sure what I'll do. We had talked about doing some stars or snowflakes that we can mount in a bangle for a Christmas ornament. Or I may make some more bookmarks. It would be nice to have some to tuck into Christmas cards.


TeresaAngelina said...

Very cool. I did not know that you also did bobbin lace! Torchon, I think? Me too but not in ages. Will you bring your lace to the Fibres West show in March?

Guzzisue said...

nice bookmark, I'm just winding bobbins with similar colours :-)

Laura said...

I won't be at Fibres West personally as I'll be teaching in Boise, ID. :} Doug will be there manning the booth with the very capable assistance of Yoriko Oki.

Started making lace in 1995. Mostly I do Torchon in 'fat' threads. :D



Sharon Schulze said...

What size is a fat thread in lace making? Torchon lace is one of the areas of craft my current life isn't letting me explore... but it's definitely on the list.

Laura said...

Lace makers consider 20/2 cotton 'fat'. :)