Monday, February 16, 2009

Tampa, FL

Arrived in Tampa last night, sans suitcase. The tight connection in Charlotte meant that while I made the flight to Tampa, my suitcase didn't. :( We're waiting for it to be delivered. Thankfully I had sufficient personal items in my carry on that I was able to shower and change this morning and have clean clothes. :) One of the joys of travel!

However, a treat was waiting for me. Interweave Press had mailed a book to a friend for me. (They had Betty's US address on file for me and sent it there instead of to Canada.) I asked Betty to mail it to my friend Jacqui in Tampa, and late last night I opened it and found a copy of Judith Mackenzie McCuin's latest book 'The Intentional Spinner'.

What a delight! Loads of great information on fibre characteristics, how the yarn is affected by the different ways of preparing the fibre and spinning it, and how it will then affect the textile created from it.

Here is a quote:

Two-ply yarns have a serrated edge that lets them do what they do best; hold their space and keep the thrads apart.

In knitting, when you make the loop to form a stitch, a two-ply yarn moves away from the center of the stitch; a three-ply yarn, on the other hand, folds into the center of the stitch, filling it up.

The information contained in this book is like little nuggets of gold. Each sentence is concise and clear. On page 2 I was looking for a notebook to start writing things down - until I remembered I own the book! I can now pick it up and find out what I need to know without having to dig through a notebook with my scratchy handwriting. And that makes me very happy. :D

The art of constructing cloth is so broad and deep no one person can know it all or keep it all in their heads (unless, perhaps, you are Judith!)

Knowing where to find the information I need about fibres and yarns helps to make appropriate choices when I start to construct a cloth for a particular purpose.

I am not a spinner, and never will be (except for the enjoyment of it). I DO want to be a better weaver, and this book will help me to accomplish that.

Thank you, Thank you, Judith. What a great resource!!!!


Janet said...

Gah! A good book and one change of clothes sounds like a nice vacation but less than stellar for a teaching date - hope your luggage turns up quickly!

Laura said...

I'm technically on vacation this week, so I wasn't too fussed that my suitcase missed the connection. :) It arrived by 3 pm the next day.

Unfortunately I have another 45 minute connection in O'Hare on Friday and a late evening arrival which means that if my suitcase lags behind again, all my samples will arrive late for the workshop. :(

So I'm hoping the gates aren't a mile apart for this one.

I've emailed my contact in Columbus so we have the address of the workshop location and can get the airline to deliver directly to the classroom should that be necessary. :}

Over the years I've learned to be as prepared as I can be and flexible as I can make the schedule. But no, the travel part of travelling to teach isn't my fav part of the process......



Gwen said...

Have a good time in Tampa! And I hope your luggage keeps up with you on future flights! ;)